Learn everything about Auto Insurance. From what coverage you need to how to get the best rates!

Buying auto insurance can be complex and confusing. What are all these difference coverages? How much coverage do I need? What influences my premium? How do I know I am getting the best price? These are common questions that we have all asked ourselves (or someone else who thinks they know what they are talking about). I recently purchased a new car and had to go through the process of what coverage I needed and why I needed it. I was shocked to find that my insurance premium skyrocketed, with no real explanation from my insurance company. I decided to do some research, and learn about the policies and coverage’s I was paying for. The research I conducted not only helped in my understanding of the difference coverages of insurance offered, it also allowed me to get rid of coverages or policies I did not need. This as well as implementing some other tips allowed me to save upwards of $500 on my yearly insurance premium!

What I learned is that by performing simple actions I could reduce my premiums and save hundreds of dollars each year on car insurance. Throughout this site you will find the results of all my research. You will learn about the different types of insurance coverage any why you would need it. You will learn about what insurance coverage you are required to have, by law. You will learn about how your insurance premiums are calculated as well as simple ways in which you can reduce your premium. As most people are likely concerned with ways to lower their cost, for starters I have included a brief summary of the top three ways to reduce your auto insurance:

  1. Get a Free Online Auto Insurance Quote – This is the first and most important thing that you should do. If you do not do anything else on this site, at least get the auto quote. By simply doing this step right now, you could save up to $500 from you current rate. It takes less than 5 minutes and the quote will search companies in your local area and find the company that will offer you the lowest price for auto insurance.
  2. Understand what types of coverage are needed and what the minimum coverage required is for your state or province – Another quick and easy way to lower you rates is to simply lower or alter your amount or type of coverage. This section will indicate what types of coverage’s required by law to have as well as describe the differences in coverage’s in order to help you make the best decision for your needs.
  3. Learn what affects your rates – By simply understanding how your rates are calculated and what affects your insurance rates, you can take steps to reduce to lower your insurance risk and reduce your rates.

This site also offers other information such as how auto insurance companies work as well as how they calculate their premiums. Did you ever wonder what the difference was between an insurance broker and insurance agents? This site offers information to help you understand how the insurance industry works, which enables you to be a more informed consumer and as we all know, knowledge is power.

Not only do we provide access to companies online, but we also offer information of insurance companies in your local area which truly gives you the buying power. If you are worried about purchasing insurance online, or perhaps would like to support your local agents, we provide you with that information. You can still utilize the online quotes as a way to determine a ballpark figure, which you can then use as a bargaining chip with your local agent.

All information is broken down into sections, which you can select, by the Navigation bar on the left, or by using the Table of Contents below which includes a description of each section.

I hope this site helps you to better understand all aspects of car insurance, which should, at the end of the day, allow you to save money!

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